About Us
Welcome to The Bridge!
We are a different kind of church. A church that puts God first and traditions last. A church that loves people regardless of their church background. A church that never pressures anyone into giving or makes guests feel uncomfortable. We are a church where people grow in knowledge, relationships with God and each other and lives are changed for the better. When your relationship with God is good and you are leading a fulfilling and passionate life, what could be more fun???

Can church be fun?
Live music. Videos. Celebration Services. Bridge Café with donuts, bagels and coffee. Relevant lessons. Casual atmosphere. People welcomed just as they are no matter their background. People empowered to use their talents and gifts. Sound strange?

Who is The Bridge for?
The Bridge is a brand new church that loves you just the way you are. Whether you've had some, little or no church background you are accepted and encouraged toward your own spiritual formation in Christ.

Same Old Thing?
We realize that a fun, casual, relevant friendly environment isn't for everyone. We know that addressing real life issues makes some people feel uncomfortable. So, if you're looking for the same ol' thing or a place to take a quick nap on Sunday mornings we're probably not the place for you.

We are a church that attempts to teach the truths of the Bible in creative, compelling and relevant ways. Come see why so many children, students, singles and parents from Morrisville and the RTP area are making The Bridge a part of their week. Once you attend, you'll want to make it a part of your week too.