Lazarus Project
‚ÄčThe Bridge has an ongoing ministry for meeting needs with our church community we call the "Lazarus Project."  The Lazarus Project is designed for people within The Bridge to submit any needs they might have, or needs of others that they become aware of. Once a need is submitted, it is circulated among our Lazarus Project team. As they are able, members of our Lazarus team will respond and help to meet the need.

How It Works
 If you have a need, or know of someone who has a need, please submit a request to  Pastor Matt via email at

Types of Needs
Physical Needs: These can range from anything to a car ride, lawn care, a meal, etc.
Financial Needs: If someone encounters a financial crisis, the Lazarus Project will circulate the need and receive donations to meet the needs. 

Want to join the Lazarus team?
If you're interested in being a part of the Lazarus Project team, simply email Pastor Matt with your desire to do so. Pastor Matt will add your name to our email list and you will be made aware of needs as they arise.