Elisabeth Elliot
by Mike Windley on June 18th, 2015

Perhaps unnoticed by most of the world, a great saint of God passed, Elisabeth Elliot, passed away on Monday, June 15, 2015, at the age of 88.
Elliot was married to Jim Elliot whose life and story became legendary after he and four other missionaries were killed by Auca Indians in Ecuador in the 1950’s. Elisabeth and her daughter went back to the people who had murdered her husband and lived with them in the the bush. She shared the gospel of Jesus with them, leading many to turn from their murderous culture to faith in Jesus. A Hollywood movie, The End of the Spear, was made of this mission endeavor from the perspective of the young son of one of the other missionaries killed.
My life was most impacted by Elisabeth Elliot’s writings. The two books that have meant the most to me were Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testimony of Jim Elliot and Passion and Purity.
Shadow of the Almighty was a biography of Jim Elliot’s life. He was an amazing young man and his faith was a huge inspiration to me. Jim Elliot became one of my teenage heroes and a must read for any Christian.
Passion and Purity was probably a first of its kind “dating manual” for many of us who grew up following it’s release. In it, Elliot details the courtship that she and Jim went through as they tried to honor God in their dating life in a way that was counter cultural. It was certainly an inspiration and a model to me to give me direction about how I could better honor God in relationships with the opposite sex.
Not nearly as noteworthy, I was privileged in my seminary days to have had the opportunity to sit and listen to Elisabeth teach when she was invited to be the guest speaker at one of our thrice weekly chapel services.
Our world has lost indeed lost a godly saint. I only wish more of us pursuing Christ new more about her life and faith, and that of her first husband Jim.
Thank you Elisabeth Elliot for walking that narrow path that leads to life and encouraging many of us behind you to follow. 

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