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by Matt Windley on May 19th, 2014

Two Sundays ago, I issued a challenge. I challenged us all to become more intentional in inviting others to church and sharing our faith. More specifically, I urged us to pray for God to give us all an opportunity to share our faith or invite one person to church each week.
In 2 Corinthians, Paul calls us Christ’s ambassadors. As followers of Christ, we speak on his behalf. We share Him with the world. That’s evangelism.
Evangelism. I know, the very word can make us uneasy.
We feel fear, anxiousness, detachment, guilt.
It’s one of those Christian words that’s easy to preach about, but seemingly harder to live out.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
Over the next few weeks, I want to answer many of your fears and questions about sharing your faith and inviting others to church.
Let me start off with this: Evangelism is NOT guilt-driven.
Sure, we could share out of a sense of obligation and I’m sure there are people who are good at faking it (see Matthew 7:21-23), but true evangelism is never done out of guilt or fear.
Evangelism is an act of love and worship. Love - because you are sharing with others the One who can give them true joy and true life. Worship - because you exalt Him by pointing and saying, “He is worthy, He is everything!”
You share with others because you have found something of such value that it’s impossible to keep it to yourself. It’s done because you have sat in awe before the presence of an Almighty, Holy God who has stirred the waters of your soul and you can’t rest until others know Him.
Evangelism is simply a natural result of a relationship with God through Christ and that’s where we will start our series: looking at the riches we have in Christ (Ephesians 2).
I hope you’ll take the challenge to invite someone this week and check back in a few days when we look more closely at evangelism.

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